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You Want to Build a Successful Online Business. Now What?

The Rebus Lab gives you the insights, strategies, and tools to build a successful online business and achieve more freedom without wasting time, energy, or money.


 I've learnt so much since meeting Daniel. He's been a mentor to me and my business wouldn't have been possible without his help. More than just handing me a blueprint, I’ve seen just how far I can go with clients and customers across the world. Daniel is knowledgeable, willing to help people, and gets things done.


- Felix Yim



What does it take to build a successful online business?


How do the people in the case studies you read do it? 


Create a blog? Earn over $100,000 in the first year.


Launch a product? Do 5 figures in the first 24 hours.


Started homeless with $7 dollars? Million dollar business in 18 months.


Honestly, those kinds of results used to irk me.




Because I couldn’t replicate them.


Let me tell you WHY I couldn’t replicate them…


The thing nobody will mention to you. 


The little secret they keep in their closet which conveniently gets left out when writing their case studies.


The REAL reason they have spectacular results us mere mortals can only dream about. 


1.    They work hard — very hard.


2.    They've built systems.


I hate to burst your bubble if you thought there was a magic bullet lying around. 


There are no honest get rich quick schemes that require minimal effort. You can get rich honestly and quickly but you’ll have to put in the work. 

So that’s what I did, I decided to treat this internet thing like a business.

I Built a System. I Built a Business.

I'll show you how to build systems online that allow you to choose the right niche, create (or select) products your people love, and build a scalable business that works for you.

Even if…  

·         you don't have a business idea 

·         you're not a world-famous expert

·         you're overwhelmed with no idea where to start 

·         you've got little to no tech skills

·         you don't have all the time in the world

·         the space is already crowded            

How to Build an Online Business - The Right Way

I'm Daniel Ndukwu

Writer, consultant, and entrepreneur. I've taken multiple projects from idea to profitable business.  Almost every single one of them has been within a crowded space where people told me I was crazy. 

I've learned there's always room for more if you know what you're doing. 

There are a few things you must do and a few others that don’t really matter. 

For one, it’s almost never a traffic or conversion problem. Those are just the symptoms of something larger. 

If you increase traffic but it's the wrong traffic then what good is it doing you?

A hundred buyers are much better than a million non buyers.


It’s like a puzzle. Once you figure it out you can’t help but chuckling because the answer was right in front of you the whole time.


I put the puzzle together myself. I studied the greats and internalized the underlying rationale of their work.


Here's where it was different.


Instead of following them to the letter, I tested strategy after strategy, measured the results, and incorporated the winners into my workflow.


I figured out HOW and WHY.


I ended up with a few methods that worked very well.


It allowed me to amass millions of views on my content and impact people from all walks of life. 


Thousands of people get my regular emails.


I’ve been able to guest post on some of the largest industry websites and have partnered with other companies on amazing projects.

I’ve been approached by dozens of entrepreneurs – readers of my work and students of my strategies:


 I’ve taken many of them through the steps I’ve used to build my businesses and further refined the process into a replicable framework. A framework that anyone who follows can use to get tangible results.     


Two Simple Steps to Build your Online Business

Building a successful online business isn’t nearly as difficult as people make it seem.


You don’t need to spend 20 hours a week on social media. You don’t need to spend 30 hours a week trying to figure out SEO.  


You don’t need to hire a conversion rate optimization specialist.


There are two steps — only two — that when done right will help you build a thriving digital brand.


1. Find Your Tribe


There are people in the world who want what you have to offer. They’re in their homes searching with Google, creating threads in forums, and letting the world know what they need.


Your only job is to find them and give them what they’re asking for.


You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.


You don’t need to create a new piece of technology.

All you need to do is find the group of people looking desperately for what they need and then give it to them    

2. Build Systems to Sell Them Stuff

Building your online business occurs in two phases.


You share that you understand your audiences' problem, introduce them to your solution, and then turn them into your customers.


The beauty of an online business is that it never closes. People from all over the world can patronize you. 


But, if you don’t put systems in place then you’ll just trade one job for another one. 


That’s not the goal.


Instead, I’ll show you how to spot gaps and build systems that do the heavy lifting no matter where you are or what you’re doing.    

Introducing The Rebus Lab - The Complete System, Community, and Tools to Build Your Online Business 

A collection of in depth video lessons, detailed books, and robust software to equip you with the tools and knowledge to start and grow your successful online business. 


The Rebus Lab isn’t just a course. It's a master class and community designed to take you by the hand and teach you the principles and strategies needed to build a profitable online business. And to provide the accountability and support system you crave.


·         Easy-to-follow lessons? Check


·         Supportive community of entrepreneurs? Check


·         Built-in accountability? Check


·         Software to complement what you learn? Check


·         Regular updates to the course material? Check 


This course - The Rebus Lab - is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It’s broken down into simple, comprehensive, procrastination and doubt killing lessons that walk you through all the phases of building your business.


Each module has a specific action item and focus so you can systematically progress.


No more guesswork.


No more trial and error.


No more reverse engineering.


No more procrastination.


What Will You Learn In The Course?

The course covers four primary topics


How to find your profitable niche


The biggest stumbling block people have is choosing a niche and sticking with it.


Either they go too wide or too narrow.


Neither of which is a good idea.

They spend way more time than they need to find the “perfect” industry.

The Rebus Lab has an entire module dedicated to finding your tribe, understanding what they want, figuring out who your competitors are, and building a platform that caters to the right people.


But (and this is an important part) there is a lot of information out there about finding your niche. The Rebus lab takes it a step further by showing you how to validate that niche before spending any time growing your business.


The goal is to help you build a successful business. Not a nice blog.


The course is designed in a way to help you move along sequentially.

We don’t discuss traffic until you’ve already chosen your niche and built out essential assets that’ll turn that traffic into income.


When you follow the steps, you’ll realize traffic is never the real problem – something more important (that nobody is talking about) always is.    

 How to engage with your tribe and build a relationship to sell them — anything you can imagine      

The most talked about metrics in online business are, well, all of them.


Are they opening my emails?


Are they clicking through to my website?


Are they leaving comments?


How many people are sharing?


Are they this are they that?


Many metrics are vanity metrics. I know, I used to fuss over them too and when I really looked at them, they didn’t affect my bottom line one bit.


I’ll show you the most important metrics to focus on in your business and how to use those metrics to determine what to sell and what to throw in the dust bin.

You’ll also learn how to build a relationship with your tribe whether you’re putting your face on your brand or not. Hint: It has nothing to do with telling your life story.


The Software and Systems You Need to Grow Your Business

One of the challenges I ran into early on was knowing what software to use.


What pop-up software should I use?


What landing page software should I use?


Should I use Mailchimp of Getresponse?


Is WordPress or Squarespace better?


There are so many options. It can be overwhelming. I spent nearly 3 months just trying to pick an email provider, then changed. 

After I got the software that worked best for me, I had no idea how to set up systems to unlock the true potential of my business. 


With this course you can avoid all of that. I'm going to give you an easy-to-follow blueprint to set up your internal systems to manage your business.


You’ll also get recommendations on the best software to use.


No guesswork.


No spending months to pick service providers.


We even have custom software we’ll give you access to. 

How to Scale Your Business to a Full Time Income

You know pretty much everything you need to start and set up your online business.


Now how do you grow it?


The second half of The Rebus Lab is dedicated answering that question.


You’ll learn how to create passive systems that do the heavy lifting for you.


You’ll learn the exact plan I use to launch new products.


You’ll learn when – if you’re not doing it already – to start selling.


How to prime your audience for the launch and make sure it doesn’t fall flat on its face.

The replicable formula for launching a book, course, software, coaching program, or physical product.    

The Juicy Details

You will get: 


Dozens of templates, cheatsheets, and scripts.  


35 Video Lessons totaling more than 7 hours


Guided WorkBook for each module 


Access to software we’ve built from the ground up


Four books that dive deep into specific digital marketing strategies

Access to private mastermind group    

Module 1: The Blueprint

·         Quick orientation of the course and what to expect.


·         The Workbook that’ll follow you through every module of the course.


·         A case study on an online business that’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


·         You’ll be set up with a simple strategy that’s hardly ever talked about, but can double your progress and business.


·         A simple exercise that’ll put your business in perspective so you can grow it without doubting yourself.


·         Objections you will face and tried and tested ways to overcome them BEFORE you start building your business.


Module 2: Finding Your Niche and Profitable Idea  

·         You'll learn how to find (or better define) your ideal niche using our three part framework.


·         You’ll learn how to validate your niche before you ever spend a single second or dollar building your business in it.


·         Find out who the people in your niche are and where they hang out online so you can meet them there and give them what they want (live walkthrough with example niche).


·         You’ll learn how to get inside the head of your tribe so your messages resonate with them every time (live walkthrough with example niche)


·         You’ll learn how to do competitive analysis so you’ll have a better idea of your market and your position in it and prevent yourself from becoming another me-too brand (live walkthrough with example niche).


·         You’ll learn how to build a customer profile that helps you make the right business decisions.


·         You’ll learn how to create a killer value proposition that lets your ideal customer know they’ve come to the right place.

·         You’ll get worksheets and templates to help you organize the information you find for easy reference.


Module 3: Setting Up Your Business The Right Way


·         You’ll learn the counterintuitive strategy that’ll turn the most important page on your website into a conversion generating machine.


·         You’ll get behind the scenes access to one of our automated conversion workflows that builds our business all day every day.


·         You’ll learn how to optimize your website in a way that makes both humans and search engines happy.


·         How to set up your site structure to lead people where you want them to go.


·         You’ll learn how to set up four extremely important reports in Google analytics so you can see essential business building information at a glance.


·         You’ll get access our black book of software – both freemium and paid – that I use on a daily basis.


·         You’ll learn how to set up operating standards that’ll allow you to hire staff and services providers so they can hit the ground running and make your workflow easier.

·         You’ll learn the aspects of yourself and your business to focus on that’ll help you grow it much much faster. 


I know what a landing page was but I did not know what message match was. When I found out and applied it to my business my conversion rates more than doubled from 7% to 14%. I have not finished the entire course yet but I just needed to tell you that.


- Eden Archer


Module 4: Strategizing and Building Assets

·         You’ll learn the real metrics to focus on to grow your business and what to do with them.


·         You’ll learn the simple thing we do to prevent us from growing vanity metrics so that we can keep our eye on the goal.


·         You’ll learn how to build killer landing pages that have conversion rates of 25% or higher


·         You’ll learn how to create an optin bribe in less than one hour that'll make people joyfully give you their contact information.


·         You’ll get evergreen headline formulas and templates that’ll boost click through rates, conversions, and sales. 


·         You’ll learn how to marry your messages and your visitor’s expectations to create a better experience and higher conversions.


Module 5: Content Marketing, Promotion, and Gaining Traction

·         You’ll learn the simple formula to create a hook that engages your reader and compels them to read every blog post.


·         I’ll show you how to create content upgrades that actually work and how to do it without spending hours of your time.


·         You’ll learn how to find content ideas with a proven track record so you don’t waste time guessing whether or not it’ll build your business.


·         I’ll walk you through the must-have criteria of amazing content so your website visitors fall in love with you.


·         You’ll learn how to create and promote content using the Pareto Framework.


·         How to take your writing to the next level and develop a unique voice even if your writing sucks right now.


·         The different content archetypes and how to use them.


·         How to match your content to your visitor’s level of awareness so you move them seamlessly through your sales funnel.


·         You’ll learn how to get featured in your industry publications and build meaningful relationships with influencers – complete with my most effective pitch templates.


Module 6: Mastering Email - The Lifeblood of Your Business

·         You’ll learn advanced strategies - based on psychology - to grow your email list.


·         You’ll learn what NOT to do if you want to keep your email list active and engaged (and what to do instead)


·         You’ll learn a simple framework to increase open rates and click through rates (It’s based on timeless copywriting).


·         You’ll learn how to create a long term automated engagement campaign that shows you who your true fans are (so you can unlock amazing results).


·         You’ll learn the different types of emails you should be sending to your list.


·         You’ll learn how to segment your list based on the actions they take on your website so you’re not shooting in the dark.


·         You’ll learn how to get other people to grow your email list for you (and they’ll be happy to do it).


·         You’ll learn the most overlooked portion of your email and how to use it for maximum results.


Module 7: Launch


·         You’ll get the behind the scenes look at how we launch products.


·         You’ll learn exactly what to do and when to do it before launch.


·         You’ll learn how to build anticipation before a launch so people are ready to buy.


·         You’ll get the exact templates and swipe files of successful launch sequences so you can repurpose them and use them for your own launches.

·         You’ll learn what we do to validate new products before launch so you never have a dud.


I  reached out to Daniel and my lucky stars must have aligned that day. He told me he was looking for a guinea pig to test something out. Obviously, I agreed and I’m happy I did. He opened my eyes to what I needed to do and what I could ignore. Because of that, I've gotten my first few sales and I'm building authority and trust in my industry. If you want a well thought out, step-by-step, and effective blueprint to build an online business then Daniel is your man.


– Rashad Patterson


How The Course Is Delivered

The first three modules of The Rebus Lab are open to you as soon as you sign up. 


You can view all the lessons contained in those moduels as well as all of the resouces. 

After one week, two more modules (4-5) modules will be unlocked. After another week, two more modules (6-7) will be unlocked.

At that point, all of the content will be unlock and you're free to use it as quickly or slowly as you want.


I strongly suggest you take each module in turn. The course builds on itself so it's important to have a solid foundation before moving on to learn new concepts. 


The Resources

Resource 1: 


The Rebus Lab Private Mastermind and Community ($497 Value)


As a member of The Rebus Lab, you’ll have full access to our mastermind and community.


You’ll be able to talk to people who’re just starting their journey and those with years of experience.


It’s a place where we host informal training, off the cuff strategy sessions, schedule meet-ups, and hold each other accountable.



Resource 2:


Instagram Marketing Book and Video tutorial ($97 Value)


With The Rebus Lab, you get everything you need to start a profitable online business.


We took it a step further.


As a bonus resource, you'll learn how to tap into the social network with more than eight hundred million users- Instagram. Instagram mastery comes with over 60 minutes of video lessons which take you through how to set up your profile all the way to generating revenue with the platform. 


You'll learn:


·         How to create an appealing feed. 


·         How to grow your account by leaps and bounds without spending all your waking hours on the platform. 


·         The tools that'll cut your management time down to 10 minutes a day so you can focus on your core business. 


·         How to identify opportunities and drive revenue as (even if you don't have a following). 


·         The little known secrets to drive massive traffic and revenue using your page or other popular pages. 


Resource 3: 


Course Workbook ($35 value)


The Rebus Lab is larger than your average online course and there are plenty of action items for you to get done.


We’ve put together a workbook that follows you through every step of the course to make sure you’re hitting milestones and have a tidy place to record your best strategies.


It also has supplementary content with detailed explanations to fill in some of the gaps in your knowledge.



Resource 4: 


Quora Marketing Ebook & Worksheets ($35 Value) 


Quora is a question and answer platform with over 200 million monthly visitors. It’s divided into categories which include everything from entrepreneurship and business to fashion and travel. 


Every niche is represented and has millions of followers. 


It’s the single easiest way to start from scratch and build an engaged audience. They have a mix of users from young to old and almost every country is represented. 


With the Ebook you’ll learn:


-          Strategies to optimize your profile that'll increase your followers and engagement


-          How to increase traffic back to your website and stay within Quora’s Terms of Service


-          The golden ratio to find the perfect questions and answers which will explode your traffic, followers and views


-          How to use Quora to get published in your top industry publications


-          How to write compelling answers that get massive views and upvotes

-         Worksheets to keep track of your progress on the platform and make informed data backed decisions    

Resource 5: 


The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building Irresistible Landing Pages Ebook and Workbook ($35 Value)


Landing pages are the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. They’re the difference between a website that works and one that’s little more than a time and money suck. 


How do you create them? What should you add? What’s irrelevant on a high converting landing page?


What’s the proper way to use testimonials?


When should you use long copy and when should you use short copy?


There are a lot of questions and formulas for creating landing pages. This Ebook and the accompanying workbooks will make those questions clear to you so you can build high converting landing pages in a fraction of the time.


-          You’ll learn the most important metrics to track on your landing pages (most of what people tell you to track are vanity metrics that don’t produce money on the other side). 


-          You’ll learn how to avoid the elements on landing pages that kill your conversions before you’ve even started


-          You’ll also learn the most important elements for you landing pages (without these nothing else matters)


-          How to create features and benefits that move people to take your desired action


-          You’ll learn the four part framework responsible for billions of dollars in revenue

-        How to optimize for the post click experience and earn more money for every person that clicks your calls to action    

Resource 6: 

War on Productivity Ebook and Worksheet ($35 Value)


One of the major challenges of starting an online business is choosing what to focus on first, what doesn’t matter, and how to keep going. 


In essence, the business is hard but managing yourself is even harder. There are a million and one things you can do but most of them are a waste of your time, money, and energy. 


The War on Productivity is a short hard hitting Ebook that helps you prioritize your efforts. Instead of jumping from one strategy to another, you’ll learn how to set goals, plan yourself, and execute to the best of your ability. 

Finally, it also goes deep into systems you can use to make it a reality while consistently cutting out low value activities.     


Resource: 7 


3 months free of KyLeads Pro ($267 value)


KyLeads is software we’ve built from the ground up that allows you to create stunning opt-in forms and viral quizzes to grow your mailing list. 


If that was all then it’d be awesome. That’s not all. 


One of the biggest challenges with lead generation and sending the proper messages is knowing who should get what. How do you know if they’ll be interested in that specific message?


With KyLeads, you’re able to unlock deep insights and segment your audience into different groups so your messages resonate every time. You won’t send one size fits all messages to people who could care less. 


Now, you can understand who they are and send the right messages accordingly. 


-          Unlimited quizzes to generate more leads


-          Half a dozen different types of pop ups so you always have the best tool to capture leads


-          Beautiful and easy to understand reports that help you optimize your forms and quizzes. 


-          Split test your ideas so you never have to guess about what’s working best in your business. 


Resource 8: 

3 Months Free of SumoGram Personal ($87 value)


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. They have hundreds of millions of monthly active users, some of the best engagement, and are constantly updating the platform. 


Billions have been made and invested into the platform and it’s a great avenue for fledgling and established businesses. 


We’ve developed SumoGram to allow you to schedule your Instagram posts directly from your computer, plan your feed, and keep track of the most important metrics. 


-          Schedule your posts from your computer weeks or months in advance


-          View stats and see which posts are getting the most engagement. 


-          Track the number of people who follow or unfollow you


-          Upload content from Google drive or Dropbox to speed up your workflow.


The Rebus Lab Full Membership


·         The Rebus Lab Course

·         Access to private mastermind of The Rebus Lab

·         Over 35 video lessons totaling 7+ hours

·         Instant access to Instagram Mastery bonus course

·         Course Workbook

·         Four Ebooks covering specific aspects of digital marketing

·         The first look (and use) at software we develop

·         3 months of SumoGram Personal 

·         3 months of KyLeads Professional


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Rebus Lab risk free for 30 days… RISK-FREE!


What happens if the course just doesn't work for you?


If you don't see business growth in your first 30 days ask for a refund.


Simply email support (hello@kyleads.com) any time within 30 days of purchase, show you did the work, and we'll send you a full refund.


My goal is to make sure your business GROWS.


If you give it an honest effort and it doesn't, then I haven't done my job and don't deserve your money.


Note: If you are buying this course because you want a magical pill that will make your business grow really fast without you doing any work, this is not for you. Growing your business requires a lot of work. A lot of commitment.  A lot of persistence.

If you are lazy, don't buy the course. We require that you actually do work. If you do opt to refund the course, we require you to submit a few basic assignments to show you have given it an honest effort. If that isn't something you're cool with, we understand. This course probably isn't a good fit for you. (Full Details)    


How much more is in the course vs what’s already on your website?

Think of our websites as a part of a chapter in a book. Think of The Rebus Lab as a college course. Here, we go much deeper and show you the what, the how, and the why to build a complete strategy. The Research corner only shows you tactics    

Why is it so cheap? What's the catch?

People make excuses for why they can't do things all the time. We wanted to remove price from the equation. That, and I want you to think we're awesome. Finally, we have a lot of products, if you're happy with this one then you'll likely buy another one from us and everyone wins.  

What if I’m literally starting from ground Zero? No tribe, no product, and no idea how to add a blog post to WordPress, Will this course still help?

You’re my best kind of student. This course was built from the ground up with you in mind. You don’t need any of those things to join The Rebus Lab. We’ll show you exactly how to look inside of yourself and come up with the best ideas for YOU. Then we’ll show you how to build a tribe and business around that idea.


Will this work for someone who's not in the online marketing industry?

Yes, The Rebus Lab has been built to help you tackle industries outside the online marketing space.

Is it still possible to build an online business?

I’m from the deep south where we pronounce half our words differently than the rest of the country. If I can do this then ANYONE can. I stumbled around for quite a while before I understood what I was missing. You’re going to be starting from the beginning with someone to hold you accountable and tell you what’s working and what’s not. 

What type of time commitment should I be prepared to make?

As you already know, the more effort and time you put in, the faster your business will grow. At the very least, you should be able to put in a few hours a week. If you can’t do that, turn off the TV or close the door long enough to build your business then no amount of training is going to change your situation. The Rebus Lab isn’t for you. If you get lost while on your journey, don’t be a stranger. There are other people going through it with you.


How long does the course take to complete?

When you sign up for the course, the first three modules are released instantly. After that, two modules are released every week until you have access to all the material. The resources are available immediately. Once you have access to all the modules, you can go as quickly or as slowly as you like. 


What if I’m not ready? What if I’m left handed? What if I live in the tropics? What if I’m short? What if I’m tall?

I like to call this “I was pampered too much as a child,” where we believe something in our lives is unique and nothing will change that. You’re looking for an excuse and if you search hard enough, you’ll find it. The Rebus Lab material has been tested in different industries with people with different situations and it works. So yes, it works if you’re American, Australian, South African, Tall, Short, Yellow, or Red. 


I need to make money like yesterday. Will The Rebus Lab help?

No, and please don’t join The Rebus Lab. I’m not in the market for people who need quick money, because when you’re in a poor financial situation, you make short term decisions out of necessity. The Rebus Lab is built for the long term. I suggest you come back when you’re more comfortable financially so you can use The Rebus Lab the way it was meant to be used.